• CITIZEN SOLDIERS (In Production)
  • Genre:Documentary
  • Director:Jason M. Hale
  • Writers:Jason M. Hale
  • Producers:Jonathan Flora
  • Cast:Soldiers and Families of Charlie Troop
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  • "I'm a school teacher", is a line from Capt. John Miller (Tom Hanks) in 'Saving Private Ryan'. That line spoken on the battlefield in the midst of war, captures the heart of the “citizen soldier.” As members of the Army National Guard, these men and women answer the nation's call to arms, yet long for the day when they can return to civilian life. Citizens in Peace. Soldiers in War.

    CITIZEN SOLDIERS is a feature-length documentary that follows members of Charlie Troop of the 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and their families as they prepare, deploy, serve, and return home from their yearlong mission in Afghanistan. This is a rare, unprecedented look into the unique challenges facing our Guard Units as they continually adjust to war and re-entry into everyday life.” It also shines a much-deserved light on the often-overlooked impact on the families. They too are serving and sacrificing, maintaining life at home while wondering about the safety of their loved ones; their husbands, fathers, sons and daughters. This is their story not only told through their eyes but filmed through their own cameras as well.

    Currently being filmed simultaneously here at home and Afghanistan, this powerful and insightful film is helmed by someone who is actually wearing boots on the ground, first time director, Sergeant Jason M. Hale. Jason has served in Iraq and is now serving in Afghanistan as a sniper after being deployed with Charlie Troop on January 3, 2012.