• THE BRAVEST (In Development)
  • Genre:Drama/Sports
  • Director:Jonathan Flora
  • Writers:Jonathan Flora
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  • This is the story of The Bravest, the semi-pro FDNY Football Club, where the men play, literally, for the love of the game. This is also the story of friendships forged in the firehouses and on the football field. Most of all, this is the story of the triumph of the human spirit that shines brightest in the wake of unspeakable loss.

    On September 11, 2001, of the 343 New York Firefighters killed that tragic day, the Bravest Football Club lost 22 players and coaches. The remaining players rally, knowing that continuing on will be the best way to honor the fallen. Their inspiring road back attracts the attention of NFL Films and suddenly a hurting America is watching. The journey is far from smooth, but by the final game with their archrivals on the field, the NYPD, a grieving nation has come alongside cheering not just for the team, but for their own collective healing as well.

    In the rich tradition of The Blind Side, Remember the Titans and, Seabiscuit, The Bravest is a story where underdogs become the champion of an entire nation wrestling with unspeakable tragedy and adversity. The hopes of millions become united in one race, one match, or in this case, one unforgettable football season.